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Internship and Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

  • NSA Cybersecurity is hiring!  Learn More
  • Cyber Security Virtual Career Fair (Held annually)
  • Cybersecurity Jobs
  • USA Jobs
  • Please see below for an exciting opportunity for your students and/or faculty. Stephanie Keith, Department of Veterans Affairs is looking for someone with both a cybersecurity background and an education/training background to work on two big projects:

    Cyber Entry Talent Development – Cyber NexGen Pilot – a development program that engages, prepares, and equips entry level talent out of technical cyber high schools and 2 year vocational schools with the work role-specific skills necessary to meet changing demands in an evolving cyber landscape.

    Cyber Training Academy – Educate, train, and skill the VA cyber workforce by equipping current and future personnel with the work role-specific knowledge and skills necessary to meet the ever evolving demands of the cyber landscape. Upskill and reskill the workforce by providing dynamic, relevant, and impactful learning opportunities acquire, maintain, and advance portable skillsets.

    Information on applying can be found on Linkedin and the USAJOBS .