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Biotechnology Certificate Program

The Biotechnology Certificate Program prepares students for entry into the biomanufacturing industry in as little as two semesters, with an emphasis on the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in this rapidly growing field. Students receive hands-on instruction designed for individuals at all levels of workplace experience and education. Students earning the certificate will be qualified for many entry-level positions in biotechnology and related fields, and those with prior experience and/or education can use the certificate as a bridge to more advanced positions.

About Biotech

The program includes courses in biotechnology, microbiology, chemical technology, and instrumentation. Coursework is designed to mirror many of the concepts and techniques utilized in biotechnology and related industries. Students will be trained in laboratory and math skills, working with DNA and protein, upstream and downstream processing, aseptic technique, gowning, documentation, GMP standards and FDA regulations. In addition, students may expect access to industry professionals through classroom speakers, manufacturing facility tours, industry seminars, and professional networking.


*Note: Some courses have prerequisites that need to be satisfied through prior coursework or Accuplacer testing. It is important to follow the recommended course sequence to satisfy some course prerequisites. To satisfy graduation requirements, all program courses must be completed with a C or better.

Finding a Job

After completing the program, we will assist you in your job search to find an entry-level position that is a good match for your skills and level of experience through scientific staffing agencies or direct job listings by employers.  The prospects for finding a job in the biosciences are very good right now, and opportunities should only increase in the foreseeable future.  One benefit of securing a job directly after obtaining your certificate is that employers will often reimburse employees for educational expenses if they wish to return to school.  Please see the transfer options below for those wishing to continue their education after completing the program.

Transfer Options

Students that wish to continue their education after earning the certificate have several options:  They may choose to stack their earned credits into the A.S. degree in Science (SCID) at CCRI, or they may wish to transfer to a four-year institution.  CCRI has strong articulation agreements with both the University of Rhode Island and Clark University Biotechnology Programs, and we work closely with students to guide them during the transfer process.

A.S. Degree in Science (SCID)  (*see note 3 for the Biotechnology Transition Option)

Clark University Biotechnology

URI Biotechnology

In addition to the transfer options listed above, we also work closely with the Westerly Education Center and their Process Technology Program. This intensive 10-week bootcamp-style program serves as an introduction to Process Technology/Biotechnology. After successfully completing the program, you earn 6 credits upon enrollment in the CCRI Biotechnology Program to satisfy the INST 1010 and BIOL 1310 course requirements.

WEC Process Technology

Please contact the CCRI Biotechnology Program Coordinator for additional information.

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