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Recommended Course Sequence

Students may enroll in the program at any entry point and continue to follow the recommended course sequence.

BIOL 1000 Cell Biology for Technology Semester 1 Fall
INST 1010 Intro to Instrumentation Semester 1 Fall
BIOL 1300 Orientation to Biotechnology Semester 1 Fall
CHMT 1121 Chemistry for Biotechnology Semester 2 Spring
BIOL 1310 Intro to Biotech Lab Skills Semester 2 Spring
BIOL 2480 General Microbiology Semester 2 Spring

Following the course sequence is highly recommended to avoid conflicts between program courses.

If necessary, students may elect to take courses in any order and at any pace to best meet their educational goals.

*INST 1010 is also offered Spring and BIOL 1300 is also offered Summer and BIOL 2480 is also offered Fall.

Please contact the program coordinator for further information.