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By providing a learning environment that values critical thinking, curiosity, objectivity and respect for diversity, the Biology Department seeks to:

  • Guide students in the development of an understanding of life science concepts that will enable them to make informed decisions about career, the environment and other areas of human endeavor as responsible, informed members of the community.
  • Enable students to acquire skills and habits of mind that allow for safe, accurate, objective and effective scientific inquiry.
  • Serve the diverse needs of the community by providing, through an appropriate array of life science courses, opportunities for every student to acquire a solid academic foundation upon which to become successful in his or her pursuit of further education, career and a lifetime of learning.
  • Continue to assess the Biology Department curricula in support of the Mission of the College.

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Areas of Study

New Environment, Sustainability, and Management Degree

The Environment, Sustainability, and Management Associate in Science degree prepares students to achieve professional employment in sustainable agriculture, horticulture, land management, and related businesses in the Green Sector. The program introduces students to key concepts in resource management, pollution, our evolving interactions with an ever-changing ecological landscape, and industry practices necessary to operate their business effectively yet conscientiously. The curriculum explores topics in land, water, and air; how humans positively and negatively impact their local and global environments; business management, entrepreneurship, innovation, and design, and includes a cooperative work experience with an employer in the agriculture, sustainability, or a related field.

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Biotechnology Certificate Program

The Biotechnology Certificate Program prepares students for entry into the biomanufacturing industry in as little as two semesters, with an emphasis on the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in this rapidly growing field. Students receive hands-on instruction designed for individuals at all levels of workplace experience and education. Students earning the certificate will be qualified for many entry level positions in biotechnology and related fields, and those with prior experience and/or education can use the certificate as a bridge to more advanced positions.

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A.S. Degree in Science (SCID)

The SCID program is intended for students desiring to pursue a career in the sciences and/or related disciplines and who have expectations of transferring to a four-year college or university.

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