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Promotion Process for Chairs


Promotion decisions involve a thorough review of a Faculty member’s performance and contributions to the College.

Chair’s Role: The Department Chair plays a critical role in evaluating a Faculty member’s worthiness for promotion. Department Chairs should understand that effective instruction is critical to their departments’ ongoing success and currency.

The Department Chair is also required to complete a thorough analysis of a Faculty member’s request for promotion before forwarding the packet to the appropriate Dean.

  • An incomplete review by a Department Chair may result in the Faculty member’s name being withdrawn for consideration during the current promotion cycle.

Reviewers at each level of the process may request additional information. If the requested materials are not submitted on or before the stated due date at each level of review, it may be necessary to withdraw the Faculty member’s name from the current round of review.

When the packet is complete, submit it to your Dean on or before the deadline date.

Required Attachments:

Chair Recommendation Promotion Form
Faculty Promotion Checklist

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