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CCRI Radio Events

CCRI Radio provides music and announcing for campus events, we even present a few of our own throughout the semester. Check back here for live music, open mic and guest speaker events sponsored by CCRI Radio!

Upcoming Events

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Join us on Thursday nights at 8PM for trivia. Different theme each week. Use this Zoom link to connect:

November 12 - MUSIC: Pop music icon 
Name that tune from the 1960's to today. Rounds by decade.
earbuds Win a set of wireless earbuds! 

November 19 - FILMS: Horror  film icon
Name that film from questions and snippets of notable motion pictures.

Starbucks $15 Gift Card | WalgreensWin a set of Starbucks gift card! 

December 3 - Television: Theme songs tv icon
Name that TV show theme song from sitcoms, dramas, and serial programs.

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