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Scholastic Standing Committee Guidelines for Reinstatement of Students

The Scholastic Standing Committee (SSC) functions as a faculty committee to review the records of students who have withdrawn from the program for a variety of reasons to determine the best academic plan for the successful completion of the nursing program.

Students seeking reinstatement into the Nursing Program must apply in writing (electronically to [email protected]) to the Scholastic Standing Committee Chairperson for consideration by the Scholastic Standing Committee (SSC). Reinstatement is not automatic and must be approved by the Scholastic Standing Committee. Priority is given to students who were in good academic standing at the time of withdrawal.

Please review your Student Policy Manual for more information.

  1. The SSC must review the student’s file for the following:
    1. Student letter requesting reinstatement
    2. Withdrawal summary sheet
    3. Clinical evaluations
    4. Transcripts
    5. Other pertinent data
  2. Students who leave the nursing program in poor academic standing or as a result of theoretical or clinical failure must give evidence of change and/or personal growth, which would promote successful completion of the nursing program.
  3. In assessing accumulated data, the faculty may determine more information is needed before a decision concerning appropriate placement in the program may be rendered. A plan for collecting this needed information may include:
    1. Written examination in a nursing course or courses
    2. Demonstration of clinical proficiency in designated nursing skills
  4. The SSC may:
    1. Recommend direct readmission
    2. Require additional coursework
    3. Recommend that student repeat previous coursework
    4. Deny readmission
  5. At the completion of these recommendations, the student must inform the SSC that recommendations have been met.
  6. Reinstatement to the nursing program is based on space availability