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For Faculty

Recommend a student to be hired as a Peer Tutor

Our department relies on faculty to recommend students to be considered for our Peer Tutoring program. Your recommendations are vital to the growth of our tutoring services. Peer tutors must have earned a minimum grade of B in the subjects they wish to tutor, be enrolled in a minimum of six credits, and maintain a 3.0 GPA to be considered for the Peer Tutor job.

Recommend a student to be hired as a Peer Tutor
Partner With The Tutoring Center 

We are eager to assist faculty members in their efforts to help students meet classroom and program expectations. The Tutoring Center provides professional and peer tutors for many subject areas. In addition, academic coaches provide students with organizational and study strategy advice. For more information about scheduling an academic coach to visit your class, requesting a class or lab tutor, recommending tutors for the Peer Tutoring program, or to learn about submitting a Starfish Early Alert referral for tutoring or academic coaching, contact Joanne Galliano at [email protected].

Early Alerts through Starfish Referrals

The Starfish Early Alert referrals allows faculty to be proactive and involved in early detection and intervention of students who are experiencing problems that affect their academic performance. Ideally, faculty submit the Starfish tutoring and academic coaching referrals between the third and fifth week of the semester. This allows students ample time to respond to the Tutoring Center staff and implement new learning strategies and receive tutoring. When our department receives your Starfish Early Alert referral, our staff will reach out to the student to assist them in connecting with a tutor and academic coach.

Classroom Visits & Mini Workshops

Are you concerned about the progress your students are making in your class? Schedule an academic coach to visit your classes to provide your students with an overview of organizational, textbook, note taking, and test taking strategies. These sessions are customizable to your subject area and are available for online and in-person courses.

Schedule a Class Visit

Request a Peer Tutor to be a Class or Lab Tutor

The basic premise behind tutor in the classroom is that the tutor attends the lecture and/or lab components of class and is introduced by the instructor to the students as a resource for the students to use during and outside of class. Examples of appropriate activities for classroom & lab tutors are:

  • Show students where to locate information in their textbooks, lab manuals, or online resources
  • Explain lessons and course concepts (provided by the teacher!)
  • Provide mini-presentations on study strategies
  • Practice pronunciation of terms or vocabulary
  • Work one-on-one with struggling students
  • Provide a post class review of lecture material

Request Class or Lab Tutor