Nursing Capstone

P.I.C. (Preceptorship Immersion Capstone)

During this experience you will get the PIC – or the picture of AND experience the role of the RN in long term care/acute rehab.

So, why the 3 names? This is a unique combination experience. This is:

  • a PRECEPTORSHIP, where you are paired with an experienced staff RN,
  • an RN IMMERSION experience where you completely experience the RN role; and
  • a CAPSTONE, the culminating project of your time here at CCRI where you learn delegation, leadership and autonomy.
"This is a fantastic program and initiative! It is important for these nurses to see where care is really taking place these days, there has been a huge shift over the years. I am a dual assigned physician for a hospital and long term care. Many of my patients out here in long term care are what we used to care for in the hospitals - - - the hospitals now are quicker faster and shorter and they come out to the community to heal and rehab!"

- Physician in long term care

In this course, students will synthesize acquired knowledge and have the opportunity to apply that knowledge in a clinical immersion experience. Students will examine and apply an understanding of professional nursing standards, ethical problem-solving, evidence-based practice, and a commitment to lifelong learning. The clinical experience will provide opportunities for teamwork and collaboration in managing care for groups of patients, develop leadership skills, and participate in quality improvement activities.

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