Client Information

Massage Clinic
  1. All clients seeking an appointment in the student massage clinic are required to provide a completed intake form with medical history.
  2. A client whose history or examination indicates the presence of an infectious disease carrier state or active infectious disease is not eligible for an appointment at the student clinic.
  3. Clients who disclose the presence of bloodborne infectious disease states will be shown the same consideration as non-infected individuals. A safe environment for students, clients, faculty and staff is assured through the use of standard precautions and strict adherence to CDC guidelines regarding infection control. Information pertaining to the health status of each individual is maintained in strict confidence. Details regarding the individual's condition will not be disseminated without the express written consent of the individual.
  4. All clients, faculty, staff and students will be considered as potentially infectious. Standard precautions are used in all instances of client care.
  5. Massage should not be performed on people with certain medical conditions.  You will be responsible for sharing any relevant medical information prior to the massage.  Symptoms and conditions that make undergoing a massage inadvisable (contraindications) will be explained.  Any condition that would prohibit the massage will be discussed prior to the session

Contact Information

Rehabilitative Health Info Tech: (401) 851-1672

Appointments are necessary and may be scheduled only during the clinic semester from May - July
(401) 851-1723

[email protected]

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