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Report It   (non-emergency situations)
Video: Run. Hide. Fight. Surviving an Active Shooter Event

Parking PolicyParking on Campus - The purpose of this policy is to establish procedural guidelines for the enforcement of parking and towing procedures on all CCRI property. [Read more on the parking policy]

Security cameraSecurity Cameras FAQs - Security cameras provide peace of mind to students, faculty and staff. Colleges and universities that have installed these security measures report that those on campus feel safer. [Learn more about security cameras]

Click here to sign-up for emergency text messagesRave Emergency Alerts - The Community College of Rhode Island offers a service that delivers email messages and/or text messages to members of the campus community during emergencies and when adverse weather conditions affect normal campus operations. The text and email alerts are one component among the college’s channels of communication used in an emergency. [Learn more about emergency alerts]

Contact Information

Chief Dale Wetherell
Director of Security & Safety 
Tel:  401-825-2109
Knight Campus

Captain Sean Collins
Administrative Services
Knight Campus
Tel: 401-825-2109
Fax: 401-825-2065
Hearing Impaired:

Lt Norman Mageau
Newport County Campus
Tel: 401-851-1620
Fax: 401-851-1621
Hearing Impaired:

Captain Timothy Poulin
Flanagan Campus
Liston Campus
Tel: 401-333-7035 
Fax: 401-333-7056
Hearing Impaired:

Lt Kevin Ziegelmayer
Liston Campus
Tel: 401-455-6050
Fax: 401-455-6141
Hearing Impaired:

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