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Massage Clinic

CCRI operates a Student Massage Therapy Clinic (SMTC) located at the CCRI- Newport County Campus, One John H. Chafee Blvd, Newport, RI 02840. The student practice clinic located on campus since 2005, plays an important role in our educational environment. The SMTC’s client base is drawn from the local community and therefore includes a diverse spectrum of individuals. Thus, CCRI students are provided with a unique opportunity to improve their massage therapy techniques, interpersonal and communication skills. The SMTC is a setting that closely resembles the professional environment many students will be working in after successfully completing the Program – but here they are supervised by faculty who are licensed practitioners.

Contact Information

Rehabilitative Health Info Tech: (401) 851-1672

Appointments are necessary and may be scheduled only during the clinic semester from May - July
(401) 851-1723

[email protected]

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