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Advisor Menu for Faculty

The Advisor function allows faculty to view unofficial academic transcripts and do degree audits of any student registered in their courses. These functions are not available on students not currently enrolled in a faculty member's course.

Advisor Menu for Faculty
Instructions Screenshots
Step 1

Click on the For Faculty tab

Information Technology
Step 2

Click on the Advisor Menu link

Faculty Services Menu with the Advisor Menu highlighted
Step 3

The Faculty & Advisor menu will display.

image of Faculty & Advisor menu
Step 4

Click on the Term Selection to select the current term.

graphic of the Select a Term feature in MyCCRI
Step 5

Click on the ID Selection to search for the student, either by CCRI ID (8-digit number starting with 9.......) or by last name. Click Submit

image of the student/advisee query
Step 6

Select one of the options:

Registration Add/Drop - note that faculty must have the student's MyCCRI password to access this option. This function is primarily for Advising and Counseling staff.