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Viewing Student Placement Test Scores

Faculty can view student placement test scores from MyCCRI. To access this function you must log in to your MyCCRI account, click on the For Faculty tab and select the Advisor Menu.

Viewing Student Placement Test Scores:
Instructions and Screenshots
Step 1

The Faculty & Advisor menu will display. Click on View Test Scores

image of selecting View Test Scores
Step 2

Click on the Term Selection to select the current term. Click Submit

graphic of the Select a Term feature in MyCCRI
Step 3

Click on the ID Selection to search for the student, either by CCRI ID (8-digit number starting with 9.......) or by last name.

Student name or ID search screen
Step 4

Click on the down arrow and select the correct student from the list. Click on the Submit button.

image of selecting student
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