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Performing a Degree Evaluation

Faculty can perform a degree evaluation for their students on either their current program or an alternate program. To access this function you must log in to your MyCCRI account.

Performing a Degree Evaluation
Instructions and Screenshots
Step 1

Click on the For Faculty tab

Information Technology
Step 2

Select the Advisor Menu.

image of selecting the Advisors menu
Step 3

From the Faculty & Advisor menu, click Term Selection.

image of selecting Term Selection
Step 4

Click on the down arrow for Select a Term to select the current term.

graphic of the Select a Term feature in MyCCRI
Step 5

Click on the ID Selection from the Faculty & Advisors menu to search for the student, either by CCRI ID (8-digit number starting with 9.......) or by last name.

Student name or ID search screen
Step 6

Click on the down arrow and select the correct student from the list. Click on the Submit button.

image of selecting student
Step 7

You may generate a degree evaluation for the curriculum(s) listed below. To view evaluation results, select a program by clicking on Generate a New Evaluation.

Information Technology
Step 8
To generate a new evaluation, select program, degree, major and anticipated graduation term and select Generate request.
Information Technology
Step 9
To view the Degree Evaluation, select the desired display and click on Submit. The degree evaluation will then be displayed.
Information Technology
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