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Budget Queries

Budget Queries are used to search for financial data using specific parameters, like Fiscal Year and Organization.  Queries can be created and saved to be used again.  Additionally, you can drill down within the query results to see transaction details.

Steps to Create a Budget Query
Login to your MyCCRI account, click on the Finance tab,  and follow the steps outlined below to to create a budget query:
Step 1

Click on the Finance tab

image of the Finance tab
Step 2

Under Finance Services click on Budget Queries .

image of selecting Budget Queries
Step 3

The recommended query option at CCRI is Budget Status by Account.  Choose Budget Status by Account in the Type drop down to define a query.  Click on the Create Query button.

Tip:  If you've saved a query template, choose it in the Saved Query drop down and click Retrieve Query

image of creating or retrieving a query
Step 4

Select the appropriate operating ledger data columns to display in the query and then click Continue.  The recommended settings are shown below.

Tip: If you'd like to save this query for future use, enter a query name in the Save Query as box.  It is recommended to not click the shared box as this will be shared with all Finance users.  The Save Query option is available on subsequent forms to save parameters and calculations with the query.  Only criteria entered up to the point that you enter a query name will be saved.

image of the Operating Ledger
Step 5

Parameters to define the query are entered on this form.  You must enter a Fiscal year and Fiscal periodChart of Accounts (C for CCRI) andOrganization Code

Fiscal period defines the number of Fiscal months to be included in the query, e.g. 1 for July, 6 for through December.  Use 12 to include everything.

Click Submit query to see the query results.


  • Fill in the Comparison Fiscal Year and period for a side by side comparison for each result column.
  • Broaden your search by using the wild card (%). For example, use %B4% to retrieve all orgs like WB4010, LB4020, PB4040.
  • Click on any of the field label buttons to query the field values
  • Use 71 in Account type to only show operating account lines
image of useful tips for budget query
Step 6

The Organization Budget Status Report displays based on your parameters. Click on the red numbers in any report column to drill down to  detailed transactions.

  • Adopted Budget shows the budget allocation for that account.
  • Year to Date shows actual posted expenditures, and, if applicable, revenue
  • Encumbrances shows open purchase orders.
  • Reservations shows requisition transactions.

Tip:  If an item is red or grey and becomes underlined when you mouse over it, you can click it to drill down further.

image of encumbrance report
Step 7

You may want to download some of the query data to Excel for further analysis.  Click on Download Selected Ledger Columns, as shown above.

In the File Download popup window, choose Save

In the Save As popup window navigate in the Save in box to specify where the file should be saved.  Then type a meaningful file name and accept the default format of Microsoft Office Excel Comma Separated Value.  Then click Save  You can then use Excel to further analyze the information.