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Year-End Giving

Thank you for considering CCRI students on this Year-End Giving!

With your support, our students and graduates are unstoppable.

Throughout this pandemic, our community has demonstrated what we know to be true—we are hopeful, resilient, and determined. And right now, we are doing all we can to prepare our students for continued education and their careers. 

Our students were disproportionally impacted by the unprecedented circumstances of the last 20 months and were forced to face financial barriers that disrupted college enrollment and pushed the hopes and dreams of college completion further away. Our students are back on our campuses with enhanced safety protocols as the pandemic continues. We are doing more for our students through the spring and summer as their needs continue to rise.

We need your help in three areas of need for the Year-End Giving, in order to helping students succeed:

Student Emergency Relief Fund

Students are still facing unexpected financial emergency through this pandemic, and this is creating a barrier to continued college enrolled and completion.  The Student Emergency Relief Fund, or SERF, will help students with expenses including books, educational supplies, food, transportation, housing, daycare, medical expenses and other unforeseen costs.

"CCRI students are not crushed by the challenges and barriers that may get in our way, but we are supported by this incredible community and these comeback scholarships.” – Joshua Hunt '21

COMEBACK Scholarship Fund

Every student deserves a chance to comeback.  This fund will support students staying in college, completing their degrees, and successfully enter the workforce. 

“I’m on track to earn my degree and this scholarship has given me one less thing to worry about after food, housing and health for my kids. I will be the first in my family to graduate from college, and I want my kids to know it’s never too late to make your comeback to college.”  – Adriana, Comeback scholar

Center for Equitable and Resilient Communities (CERC)

This fund supports CERC’s social enterprise projects that employ CCRI students and recent graduates in addressing chronic unmet needs across Rhode Island in areas such as small business services, public infrastructure, affordable housing, and healthcare.

“I am grateful for CCRI because it makes college possible for me and my classmates. I am eager to make this institution and our state proud.” – David Mota ’20 

The multiplier impact of your donation

  • CCRI is the largest community college in New England
  • We graduate more Rhode Island healthcare workers than any other college and support New England's largest Nursing program
  • We graduated 4x more Rhode Islanders, 4x more low-income students, and 4x more students of color
  • We increased Rhode Island's entire college-going rate by 9%
  • We celebrated the highest three-year graduation rate in more than 20 years

Thank you for your ongoing belief in CCRI students and invest once again in the promise of a success story!