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Arthur J. Sepe

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Hi, my name is Arthur Sepe and I am a Student Development Counselor at the Community College of Rhode Island.  I provide Academic, Transfer, Personal and Vocational counseling services to the students.  I also work closely with other departments and professors to assist students with their related concerns. I use the Robert Carkhuff counseling method to assist the students and use other adjunct theories and methods to supplement my counseling approach, i.e., Existential, Humanistic, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Behavioral.  It is all designed to assist the student in reaching their highest potential, whatever they want that to be.

I offer these services in various modalities:  On-Campus Walk-ins, Virtual Drop In sessions, and Booked appointments (virtual and on-campus) to meet the needs of all my assigned students.  Click here to log into Starfish and schedule an appointment with your assigned Advisor.

My education is as follows:

Our Lady of Providence Seminary College, Warwick, RI., Philosophy, transferred

University of Rhode Island, Kingston, R.I. , B.A., Philosophy

Rhode Island College, Providence, R.I., M.Ed., Counseling/Educational Psychology

Rhode Island College, Providence, R.I., CAGS, Counseling/Educational Psychology

Ongoing formation/learning, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana

In life and in formal education, it is important to constantly be learning as the world we live in is always evolving and changing and we need to keep up with those changes if we want to have effective and fulfilling lives.