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Current Students

Requesting Accommodation Letters Each Semester

Successful Remote Learning

Time Management - Good time management is an essential element to successful remote learning.

  • Adhere to your usual schedule. Attend class on the same day and time as you normally would.
  • Keep up with textbook readings, homework assignments and projects.
  • Avoid procrastination and multitasking. Work on your assignments right away and only do one project at a time.
  • Schedule time each day to complete work and assignments.

Requirements for Remote Learning - Organize what you will need for remote learning.

  • Computer with webcam and microphone (may be built into your computer). Don’t rely on using your phone. It may not be able to properly access publisher materials, blackboard, etc.
  • Reliable internet. If you do not have internet service, please contact your DSS Coordinator.
  • Headphones if you may need to block out background noise while you are working.
  • Create a designated area to keep all materials you will need: textbooks, pens/pencils, calculator, stick notes, index cards, etc.
Supports for Remote Learning

Support Services - Students will be able to receive remote support services. Please use the following links for department information.