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ASL/CART Information

Student Responsibilities 

1. Request an interpreter or CART reporter as soon as you are aware of the need.  

  1. Submit your appointment request at least 3 business days before the meeting (see Students Need to Know). 
  2. Complete this Meeting Interpreter Request Form to request an interpreter or CART reporter for each meeting/appointment (professors, DAS, Advising, Tutoring Center, Writing Center, etc.). 

2. Request an interpreter or CART reporter as soon as you register for classes. 

  1. Requests submitted 2 weeks or less before the first day of classes cannot be guaranteed (see Students Need to Know). 
  2. Complete this Course Interpreter Request Form each semester to request an interpreter or CART reporter for your classes. 

3. Students are expected to: 

  1. Attend class  
  2. Be on time  
  3. Notify DAS and the Interpreter/CART if they will be late or absent
  4. Notify DAS immediately if a scheduled interpreter does not attend class and does not send a substitute 

Students Need to Know 

  • CCRI does not have interpreters or CART reporters on staff 
  • Preferred interpreters are not guaranteed 
  • In-person interpreters are not guaranteed and based on availability 
  • If an in-person interpreter cannot be found, a virtual interpreter will be requested 
  •  If no interpreters are available, DAS may offer the use of CART (Computer Aided Real-time Transcription) as an accommodation  
  • If neither interpreters nor CART are available, the student may need to drop the course. 
  • It is recommended that students and interpreters exchange email addresses/telephone numbers to communicate absences. 


Roles and Responsibilities of Disability Accessibility for Students (DAS) 

  • DAS is responsible for the hiring and payment of sign language interpreting/CART services for eligible enrolled CCRI students for CCRI credit bearing courses and academic activities required by such courses only. 
  • Before the first class, DAS will notify professor(s) that the student will be using an interpreter or CART services and send guidelines to help professors understand the needs of a student who is deaf or hard of hearing. 
  • The host of any other CCRI sponsored event, which is not directly related to an enrolled CCRI student in a CCRI credit bearing course or course related academic activity (Ex. entertainment, workshops, trainings, professional development, continuing education courses, orientations, meetings, social events, administrative interviews/appointments, productions, invited lectures, etc), is responsible for providing sign language interpreters (arranging, hiring and payment) for the event. 

For Interpreters 

  • It is the responsibility of the interpreter/CART reporter to submit their own monthly invoicing. 
  • Once in the system, interpreters/CART reporters will receive a PO number to be indicated on their monthly invoices. The PO number will be sent via email. 
  • Please forward invoices to Jessica Lambert at [email protected] . 
  • Please familiarize yourselves with the college calendarfor the current semester so you are aware of Holidays, Vacations and any other dates which may affect scheduling.