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DAS / RI Promise

RI Promise/COVID Recovery Scholarship Reduced Courseload Accommodation

Disability Accessibility for Students (DAS) Office is responsible for working with students to make disability accommodations.

In some cases, RI Promise/COVID Recovery Scholarship students with a documented disability will be able to remain eligible for funding while taking fewer than 12 credits per semester. Students with an approved reduced course load accommodation may complete no fewer than 12 credits per academic year while retaining their status in the RI Promise/COVID Recovery Scholarship programs. However, the programs will only cover tuition and mandatory fees for up to 60 attempted credit hours inclusive of any necessary developmental courses. Students with an approved reduced course load will not be eligible to receive additional RI Promise/COVID Recovery Scholarship funding after 60 credit hours have been attempted. Students must meet all other program requirements.

How to Request a Reduced Course Load Accommodation:

Students requesting full-time status with a reduced course load must take steps below.

1. Visit the DAS website and review the documentation requirements here for taking a reduced course load.

2. Contact the DAS Office on your home campus for an intake appointment with the DAS Coordinator to review the disability documentation and determine eligibility for the reduced course load accommodation.

  1. If the DAS Coordinator recommends the accommodation, the information will be forwarded to the DAS Director for final approval.
  2. Students who receive approval of their Request for Full-time Status must remain registered for no fewer than 6 credits per semester.
  3. Requests for reduced course load accommodations are available only for the Fall and Spring semesters. Students may not receive an approved reduced course load for courses taken during Summer sessions.

3. Upon final approval, DAS will notify the Office of Financial Aid of it's decisions for all students approved for the accommodation.

4. Students are encouraged to confirm their status with the Office of Financial Aid before registering for fewer than 12 credits or withdrawing from courses that will reduce their number of registered credits each semester.

Please note: Students do not need to re-apply for the reduced course load accommodation every semester as it is approved for the duration of a student's eligibility for RI Promise/COVID Recovery Scholarship funding. if a student applies and is approved for a reduced course load after their first RI Promise funding, the accommodation will apply to that academic year and future semesters until the 60 attempted credit hour limit is reached.