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Community Health Laboratory

The Community Health Laboratory provides students of nursing and the Allied and Rehabilitative Health professions (respiratory care, dental, emergency medical services) a variety of new and unique learning experiences that will transform the way students and healthcare professionals grasp the evolving concepts of home health care. The laboratory, located on the Flanagan Campus in Lincoln, RI, opened in January 2021.

The Community Health Laboratory provides students with realistic home health experiences where they can apply knowledge and skills in a safe and controlled environment. The educational activities that are provided in the simulation laboratory aids in the development of clinical, interpersonal, interprofessional and critical thinking skills. Students participating in laboratory scenarios are provided constructive performance feedback during a debriefing session with their clinical instructor. 

The laboratory includes a simulated home environment with a living room with a sleeper sofa, bathroom, kitchenette, and dining room space. The space is fully equipped with audio visual monitoring and recording equipment with the capability to live stream or playback simulation events in a debriefing room or remotely. 

The laboratory resource materials, including instructional videos, manuals, and accredited clinical scenarios, are available through Blackboard and can be used by any CCRI faculty or staff member for educational purposes. The laboratory is fully operational and can be reserved using the college's Outlook Scheduling Assistant that allows for the laboratory's schedule to be publicly viewed by the CCRI community.

For additional information about the laboratory or to receive access to laboratory resources, please contact the Community Health Laboratory Administrators at [email protected]

The Community College of Rhode Island and the Healthcare Workforce Transformation Initiatives Team gratefully acknowledges Rhode Island Executive Office of Health and Human Services for their support and funding for this innovative laboratory.