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History of the Assembly

The inauguration of CCRI first ever Staff Assembly in September of 2022 was a historical moment for our college. The new sister governance body to the Faculty Senate and College Administration provides our CCRI staff the opportunity to participate in a true shared governance experience that is fully focused on inclusion of the College’s employees in the decision-making process that impacts each and every one of us.

Our shared governance experience is one founded on strengthening communication across the college community and achieving an environment where all feel heard, seen, and included. Our main goals are to align our vision, increase our efficiency, and move forward with great strides to grow as a powerful life-changing agent to our students and strengthen our positive impact in RI. 

Inception Timeline

  • In summer of 2022, a group of dedicated members of the college drafted a preliminary Constitution and By-Laws of the Staff Assembly.  

  • An election committee of our peers accepted nominations of staff from across all divisions  

  • 30 representatives were selected based on an all staff vote to serve on the Staff Assembly 

  • In early September, these members came together to elect their leadership 

  • For a true democratic and empowering experience, it was important for the elected Assembly representatives to take ownership of the draft Constitution and By-Laws and establish a process that will make it a true representation of staff across all divisions and to set the foundation for who we are, what we do, and how we plan to accomplish our goals. 

  • In December of 2022, the Assembly voted to adopt our modified working draft Constitution and By-laws after listening and evaluating our Ad-Hoc Consituttion and By-Laws committee report. 

  • In December of 2022, the Assembly voted to adopt our modified working draft Constitution and By-Laws after listening and evaluating our Ad-Hoc Constitution and By-Laws Committee report. 

  • The Assembly's Constitution and By-Laws Committee will continue its work and aims to finalize the Assembly legislative documents by December 2023.