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Standing Committees



The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee shall develop policies, procedures, and other recommendations advancing of diversity, equity, and inclusion for all employees and students of the college, outside of directly academic environments and relationships. It shall promote an open and welcoming campus climate that is accessible for all persons, including those with visible and invisible disabilities. The committee strives for a standard of excellence that exceeds minimal compliance with federal and state mandates and emphasizes our core values. 

The Elections Committee shall organize and manage annual and special membership elections and appointments, along with voting processes to amend the Assembly’s Constitution and ByLaws.  


The Operations Committee is charged with policies, procedures, and other recommendations related to the use and scheduling of CCRI offices, conference rooms, and public spaces, along with appropriate furniture, equipment, and other fittings designed to maximize the flexibility, safety, and efficiency of CCRI facilities. It shall further concern itself with issues related to the safety and physical well-being of all members of the college community. 


The Strategy and Finance Committee is charged with facilitating institutional understanding of the financial position of the college, including plans for advancement, and regular revision, implementation, and evaluation of the College’s Strategic Plan. 

  1. It shall plan and implement such training as needed by members of the college community in preparing and monitoring budgets.
  2. It shall produce regular reporting on matters related to budget and finance.
  3. It shall be responsible for planning and implementing a review, revision, and adoption process for the Strategic Plan every 2 years.
  4. It shall produce annual reports evaluating the College’s progress in realizing goals set by the Strategic Plan.


The Student Success Committee shall address all student issues not directly related to academics. These may include issues related to social well-being, athletics, student government, student organizations, and discipline. 


The Technology and Data Committee is charged with development of policies,  procedures, assessments, and recommendations related to community-wide technologies and data governance issues, projects, implementation, training, costs, and security priorities. 

Ad-Hoc Committees


A Constitution and By-Laws Committee shall be convened on an ad hoc basis in September approximately every 4 years or earlier at the request of the Assembly Chair. This committee is charged with: 

  1. reviewing the Assembly Constitution and ByLaws for changes necessary to enhance shared governance and further CCRI’s Strategic Plan, Mission, and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion;
  2. receiving and reviewing proposals from members of the Assembly to the Chair of the committee;
  3. receiving petitions signed by at least 10 percent of the non-faculty employees of the College and submitted to the Chair of the committee; and
  4. preparing recommendations for the review and approval of the Staff Assembly. Such recommendations shall be submitted to the Assembly Secretary in time for placement on the agenda for the December meeting of the Assembly in those years the committee is active.