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Tenure Process for Deans


Tenure decisions involve a thorough review of a Faculty member’s performance and contributions to the College. Final decisions on Tenure are the purview of the Rhode Island Board of Governors. Since tenure decisions involve long-term financial commitments by the State of Rhode Island, the Board of Governors take their responsibilities for approving such recommendations quite seriously. They expect to see a substantial record of review and analysis for each candidate.

Dean’s Role: The Academic Dean is responsible for evaluating the merits of a Faculty member’s candidacy for tenure with respect to the criteria established by the Board of Governors. These criteria include: teaching effectiveness, productive scholarship, service to the College, and professional activity in one’s field of specialization. The Dean will write a narrative statement supporting his/her decision based upon the packet of materials forwarded by the Chair with his or her own observations.

  • An incomplete review by the Dean may result in a Faculty member’s name being withdrawn for consideration in the current round.

Reviewers at each level may request additional information. If the requested materials are not submitted on or before the stated due date at each level of review, it may be necessary to withdraw the Faculty member’s name from the current round of review.

When the packet is complete, submit it to Vice President for Academic Affairs on or before the deadline date. Please click this link Faculty Tenure Dean Report form to download a copy of the form.

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