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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Welcome! This page has been set up to highlight the tremendous diversity at CCRI. As a community college, CCRI reflects the rich diversity of our state, and benefits from the many different ethnic, racial, religious, and other cultural and traditional influences. We believe, strongly, that the interaction of people of different backgrounds and beliefs is an essential part of being an educated person. The ability to learn from others directly as well as through coursework and co-curricular programs will be an important skill to master as you enter the world of work or pursue advanced degrees.

We also know that encountering people with different backgrounds or beliefs can be difficult at first. It is highly likely that, at some point in your time at CCRI, you will come across at least one person whose faith, politics, traditions, or points of view directly conflict with your own. As an educational institution, CCRI knows that the most difficult interaction can often be the most enlightening. If we approach each other with respect, polite inquiry, and a true desire to learn there is a tremendous potential for personal growth. As an educational institution we question, not accuse; we debate, not argue; we discuss ideas, not ridicule or humiliate people; and in the end, we agree to disagree, not hold grudges. This is a community expectation and is enforced by the Student Code of Conduct.

Because we value diversity, we have made efforts to include it in our curriculum, encourage it among our student organizations, and expect all to respectfully interact with others who are different. It is illegal in Rhode Island to discriminate against people on the basis of their race, color, national origin, disability, political beliefs, age, gender, gender identification or expression, or sexual orientation. Tolerance of others is a minimal expectation; understanding is the true goal.

We hope you find this page helpful in learning more about diversity at CCRI. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the dean of students office.


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