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Student Affairs

GUIDING PRINCIPLES OF GOOD PRACTICE (adapted from NASPA, Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education)

As student affairs professionals at the Community College of Rhode Island, we will conduct ourselves with the highest levels of integrity and professionalism and approach our work in a manner that:

  • Engages students in active learning
  • Helps students develop coherent values and ethical standards
  • Sets and communicates high expectations for student and institutional performance
  • Uses resources effectively to achieve institutional mission and goals
  • Forges educational partnerships that advance student learning
  • Builds a supportive and inclusive community

We will support the mission of the Community College of Rhode Island and implement the strategic goals of the college in our daily work while upholding the shared principles of our community.

Message from the Vice President

Your personal and academic goals are fundamental to our mission in Student Services. We provide a variety of support services to all students. These services are designed to help students meet the challenges and opportunities of college life. All our services and activities are designed to empower students to reach their full leadership potential while achieving academic and career success.

Within an atmosphere of trust, confidentiality and support, our dedicated and professional staff encourages your educational growth and the development of all our students. We want you to use our services to enhance your experience at the Community College of Rhode Island. We sincerely welcome you and look forward to meeting with you.

Sara Enright,Vice President of Student Affairs/Chief Outcomes Officer