Full time & Adjunct Faculty

Full time faculty | Adjunct Faculty

Full Time Faculty & Staff
Name Discipline Office # Phone E-mail
David Carlin Philosophy   851-1169 dcarlin@ccri.edu
Carlton Hastings Sociology 3102 825-2451 crhastings@ccri.edu
Kate Dunnigan
(Dept. Chair)
History 3078 825-2169 kdunnigan@ccri.edu
Jack Every History 3088 825-2454 jevery@ccri.edu
Safiul Huda Economics 3088 825-2454 shuda@ccri.edu
Leslie Killgore Sociology 3102 825-2451 lmkillgore@ccri.edu
Jana Knibb Sociology 3087 825-1176 jknibb@ccri.edu
Paul Leclerc Philosophy 1236 333-7294 paleclerc@ccri.edu
Hsin-Yi Liu Sociology 1355 333-7357 hliu2@ccri.edu
Quiag Lu History 1359 333-7357 jlu@ccri.edu
Maryhelen MacInnes Sociology 1355 333-7272 mdmacinnes@ccri.edu
Suzanne McCormack History 1354 333-7294 smccormack@ccri.edu
James Miller History 3090 825-2062 jmiller@ccri.edu
James Minuto History/
Political Science
1355/3102 825-2453 jminuto@ccri.edu
Dennis Najarian History 3088 825-2454 dnajarian@ccri.edu
John Rapczak Economics 1354 333-7294 jrapczak@ccri.edu
Lolita Villanueva IS Tech,
Website Content Manager
3076 825-2171 llvillanueva@ccri.edu

Adjunct Faculty
Name Discipline E-mail
Paul Archetto History parchetto@ccri.edu
Aaron Botelho History aebotelho@ccri.edu
Aaron Boyden Philosophy aboyden@ccri.edu
Gerald Browning History gbrowning1@ccri.edu
Susan Buelow History sbuelow@ccri.edu
Paul Carcieri History pcarcieri@ccri.edu
David Ciliberto Sociology dciliberto@ccri.edu
Langdon Clough Geography/
Jonathan Corey Sociology jtcorey@ccri.edu
Jack Dougherty Economics jdougherty@ccri.edu
Leo Emery History lemery@ccri.edu
Robert Feinburg History rfeinberg@ccri.edu
Joseph Fulginiti History jjfulginiti@ccri.edu
Sarah Goldberger History sgoldberger@ccri.edu
Roxanne Gomes Sociology roxgomes@ccri.edu
Gerard Hamel History ghamel@ccri.edu
William Hasenfus History whasenfus@ccri.edu
William Johnson History wcjohnson@ccri.edu
James Kabala History jskabala@ccri.edu
Daniel Kyei-Poakwa Sociology dkyeipoakwa@ccri.edu
Sarah Lane History slane1@ccri.edu
Norma Lasalle History nlasalle@ccri.edu
Rabbi Lefkowitz History blefkowitz@ccri.edu
Antoinette Littlejohn Sociology alittlejohn@ccri.edu
Joyce Melton Sociology jomelton@ccri.edu
Michael Pellegrino History mjpellegrino@ccri.edu
Harry Redfearn History hredfearn@ccri.edu
Dennis Ricci History dricci2@ccri.edu
Alex Russo History arusso@ccri.edu
Margret Santos Sociology masantos@ccri.edu
David Shikiar Philosophy dashikiar@ccri.edu
Robert Schafer History rsschafer@ccri.edu
Victoria Stedman Economics vlstedman@ccri.edu
Richard Tarlaian Sociology rtarlaian@ccri.edu
Jim Tull Philosophy jtull@ccri.edu
Matthew Ulricksen Political Science mulricksen@ccri.edu

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