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Verification of Enrollment (VOE)

Faculty please review the information below for VOE dates:

Summer 2024

Fall 2024

Click here for VOE decision tree examples

Click here for overview/guidance on academic engagement examples

Faculty will need to reverify their roster each time a student has added or been reinstated to a course after the initially reporting of VOE.

The VOE reporting page will now display a last date of attended field.  A date will be populated after VOE is submitted. When a student is reinstated, the field will be blank.  This should help instructors understand their roster needs to be reverified.  The last date of attendance field will be updated once the VOE is resubmitted. 

When submitting 7 or more no-shows (NS), email [email protected] before the the nightly drop to confirm submission.  If email isn't sent, the NS is pulled back for Department Chair/Academic Dean review.  Faculty will then need to resubmit VOE before the reporting deadline.

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