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Voter Registration

As part of the Higher Education Amendment of 1998 this institution is required to provide students with the opportunity to register to vote. Accordingly, the Board of Elections for the State of Rhode Island has created a website on which you can request a voter registration form. Please note that you may choose between a Rhode Island form and a National form. The Rhode Island form can only be used to register to vote in Rhode Island, while the National form may be used to register in most other states.

Please note: You cannot register to vote online, but you can request a copy of the form to be mailed to you by going to the Voter Registration Form Request website.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Go to the Online Voter Registration Form Request Web page.
  2. Read and follow the directions for having the form mailed to you. Be sure to specify an address where you regularly get your mail.
  3. Upon receipt of the form in the mail, complete and sign the form, affix postage and drop it in the mail for delivery to the Board of Elections (the registration is pre-addressed); or deliver the completed registration to:

    The Rhode Island Board of Elections
    50 Branch Avenue
    Providence, RI 02904-2790
    Or mail to a Local Board of Canvassers. Addresses for local Canvassing Boards are listed on the Board of Elections website.
  4. After processing your form, your local canvassing authority will provide you with acknowledgment of your registration. If you do not hear from your city or town within 3 weeks, please contact them directly for more information
Remember -- you will not be registered unless you return the completed voter registration form!