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Features of the 4610SW IP Telephone

The 4610/4610SW IP Telephone provides a medium screen graphic display, paper less button labels, call log, speed dial, six line feature buttons, Web browser, headset jack and two-way full duplex Speakerphone.

image of the 4610SW IP telephone

Making Calls

You have several ways of making calls:

  1. lift the handset, or
  2. use the Speaker.

Redialing a party

Redialing the last number called:

  1. Press the Redial Feature button.
    1. The last number dialed is automatically redialed.

Receiving Calls

When someone calls you and the Phone screen is active, the Bell icon appears as the Phone rings and (if so administered) the Voice Message light flashes. When the Phone screen is active, call information displays on the incoming call appearance line. If the Phone screen is not active, call information appears on the top display line.

  1. To receive the call, pick up the handset, activate the headset, or press the Speaker button and talk.

Call Handling Features

The features described in this section are available while calls are in progress.


The Conference feature allows you to conference up to 6 parties including yourself.

Adding another party to a call
  1. Dial the first party, then press the Conference button.
    1. The current call is placed on hold and you hear a dial tone.
  2. Dial the number of the next party and wait for an answer.
  3. Press the Conference button again to add the new party to the call.
  4. Repeat Steps 1-3 for each party you want to conference in to the call.
Adding a held call to the current call
  1. Press the Conference button.
  2. Press the Line/Feature button of the held call.
  3. Press the Conference button again.
    1. All parties are now connected.
Dropping the last person added to the call
  1. Press the Drop button.
    1. The last party connected to the conference call is dropped from the call.


The Hold feature puts a call on hold until you retrieve it.

Placing a call on hold
  1. Press the Hold button.
    1. The line’s display area changes to white text with a dark gray background, and the Hold icon displays.
Retrieving the held call
  1. Press the Line/Feature button on which the call is being held, or press the Hold button.
    1. The call is now active.


During an active call, the Mute feature prevents the party with whom you are speaking from hearing you. Use this feature to hold an off-line conversation at any time during a call.

Preventing the other person on the line from hearing you

1. Press the Mute button.

  1. The other party cannot hear you.
    1. The indicator next to the Mute button lights when Mute is active.
  2. To reinstate two-way conversation, press the Mute button again.


A two-way, built-in Speaker lets you place and answer calls without lifting the handset.

Placing or answering a call without lifting the handset
  1. Press the Speaker button.
  2. Adjust the Speaker volume if needed by pressing the Volume Control button.
Changing from the Speaker to the handset
  1. Pick up the handset or activate the headset.
Changing from the handset to Speaker
  1. Press the Speaker button, then hang up the handset.
Turning the Speaker on during a call
  1. Press the Speaker button
    1. The Speaker is now operational.
Turning the Speaker off during a call
  1. Lift the handset or activate the headset at any time.


The Transfer feature allows you transfer a call from your telephone to another extension.

Sending a call to another telephone
  1. With the call active press the Transfer button.
  2. Dial the number where you want to transfer the call. Hang up handset, transfer complete.
  3. You also may want to remain on the line and announce the call. If the line is busy or if no one answers, return to the held call by pressing the Line button on which it is being held.

Retrieving a Voice Mail Message

When someone leaves a message in your voice mailbox, the red light at the top middle of the phone illuminates.

  1. Follow your standard voice mail retrieval procedures to retrieve your messages.

If you have voice mail-related questions please contact the Help Desk at x1112.