MyCCRI Error Messages

I am my wireless laptop at home, and I being prompted for a User ID and pin number.

You will need to check the firewall setting on your router. If it is set to high or medium, you will need to set it to low. You may also want to add * as a trusted site in your browser.

Why am I getting a "Time Out or Session Expired" error?

You may get a Time Out or Session Expired message for a few reasons:

  • Some firewall products, for example Zone Alarm, will cause this message to appear. Try changing the security level (for example: from high to medium) or try temporarily disabling your firewall. After making any changes, remember to close out of your browser, reopen it and then try logging in again.
  • If you are using Internet Explorer, be sure that you are going out to the Microsoft site for the Windows critical updates and installing them.
  • Be sure that cookies are enabled.

Why am I being prompted to enter a User ID and pin when trying to access the tools under the For Students tab?

You may be prompted for a user id and pin for one of the following reasons:

  1. If you are at your place of employment it is probably a firewall issue. The networking department may have ports 9000 or 9443 blocked which will prohibit a student from accessing the tools under the For Students tab.
  2. If you are at home and are on a wireless laptop, it may be the firewall that is setup on the router. You need to either configure the router to allow access to * or disable the firewall.
  3. When you login to your MyCCRI account, your credentials are verified with our student database and if there is a delay in the verification process, when you attempt to access the tools under the For Students tab you will be prompted to enter a User ID and pin number. If this is the case, just log out of your MyCCRI account and then log back in and that should resolve the issue.

Be sure that cookies are enabled and add CCRI as a trusted site in your browser.

Why am I getting a System Error - Can't service request to /cp/home/next when on I attempt to login to MyCCRI?

If you are using Internet Explorer you will want to make sure that the compatibility settings are configured correctly. To do this, with Internet Explorer, click on Tools in the menu bar and if there is no check mark in front of Compatibility View, click on it to turn it on. Under the Tools option you will also need to check on Internet Options, click on the Security tab and make sure there is a check mark in front of Enable Protected Mode (requires the restarting of Internet Explorer), click Apply, click OK. Close out of Internet Explorer, reopen it and then try logging into your MyCCRI account

Why am I getting "Failed Login" when I attempt to login to MyCCRI?

Verify that your username and password are correct, that cookies are enabled and that you are using the most current browser.

MyCCRI uses cookies. By not accepting cookies, you will limit your access to active content on this site. Certain personalization and appearance features will not be available to you without accepting cookies. The cookies used by this site are harmless and pose no security threat to your computer.

To set your browser to accept cookies with Internet Explorer
  • open Internet Explorer
  • click on Tools in the menu
  • select Internet Options
  • click on the Privacy tab
  • click on Advanced
  • make sure "Override automatic cookie handling" is selected
  • make sure "Always allow session cookies" is selected
  • click OK
  • click OK again to close out of Internet Options
To enable java script in Internet Explorer:
  • open Internet Explorer
  • click on Tools in the menu
  • select Internet Options
  • click on the Security tab
  • select Custom Level
  • scroll down the Settings list to find Scripting (about 3/4 of the way down the list)
  • select Enable
  • click OK to close the Security Setting dialog box
  • Click OK to close Internet Options
To enable JavaScript and cookies in FireFox, follow the steps below:
  • From the Tools menu (Windows) or Firefox menu (Macintosh) select Options
  • From the Options dialog box that opens, select the Content option (globe icon).
  • Click the check box next to Enable Java Script
  • Select the Privacy option (padlock icon)
  • Under the Cookies tab, check the check box for Allow sites to set Cookies
  • Click OK and close the Options dialog box to apply changes
Firefox, versions 26-37

Java Script is enabled by default in versions 26-37 with no user-facing option to disable it. If JavaScript is not working it is likely that an extension like "NoScript" is blocking it.

Cookies are enabled by default in versions 26-37. You can change cookies settings by following this tutorial

You may need to add MyCCRI as a trusted site. Please follow the instructions below:
  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Click on Tools on the menu
  • Select Internet Options...
  • Click on the Security tab
  • Click on Trusted Sites
  • Click on the Sites... button
  • *In the Add this website to the zone: box, enter
  • Click the Add button

The site will now appear in the websites: box

*Make certain that there is no check mark in the box for Require server verification (https) for all sites in this zone.

  • Click OK
  • Click OK again.

Close the browser and try logging in again.

Note: After making any changes, you will need to reboot your pc before trying to log back into MyCCRI.

Why am I getting the message "can't find user id" on the User Name Lookup Page?

There are several reasons why this might occur:

  • If you are a new student refer to CCRI Account Username Lookup to lookup your username and to also retrieve your CCRI student ID number.
  • If you are a student and haven't attended classes at CCRI in the last two academic years (in this case your account is no longer active) you will need to reactivate your account; do the CCRI Account Username Lookup to lookup your username which will activate your account
  • If you are a student, either your Social Security number or your date of birth on file with CCRI is incorrect. Please contact the Office of Enrollment Services at 401-825-2003 to verify that information on file is correct.

Make sure that you have typed in your ID number (S.S. # or CCRI ID Number) and password correctly and then click on the Lookup button .

If you are an active student (enrolled in classes) and still get this message, please contact the Help Desk at 825-1112 or

Why am I getting "Your current status does not allow registration, please contact the Office of Enrollment Services" when I try to do the MyCCRI Account Activation?

If you do not have an active matriculation record or you need to reapply as it has been more than 2 years since your were an active student, you will receive this error message. Please call the Office of Enrollment Services at 401-825-2003.

Why am I getting timed out from MyCCRI?

MyCCRI is currently set to time out after 15 minutes of inactivity. The timeout was established to minimize the risk of unauthorized access to personal data from a MyCCRI session that may be left on at a desktop computer or a computer in a lab or other public location. This is consistent with what you might experience with an online banking service.

However, you can now change the length of time your system can sit idle before it automatically times out. To do this, click on Options, located next to the Logout icon in the upper left corner. Under User Options Menu, click on Timeout and you will be able to set the System Timeout to log you out anywhere from 5 minutes to 180 minutes.

Why am I getting "Account Disabled" when I attempt to login to MyCCRI?

If you are getting "Account Disabled." This account has been suspended temporarily for security reasons. After 4 unsuccessful attempts to login your account will be disabled. Try again in 5 minutes. If you continue to have a problem, please call the Help Desk at 825-1112.

Why do I receive the error message, "the information you entered does not match our records," when trying to retrieve my username?

The following are possible reasons and their respective solutions for the error message:

  • You did not enter either the correct CCRI ID # or Social Security number and date of birth, in the format of mmddyy, as your password when doing the username lookup.
  • Your date of birth on file at CCRI are incorrect. Contact the Office of Enrollment Services to determine the validity of your date of birth on file. The Office of Enrollment Services can be contacted by telephone at 825-2003 or by e-mail at
  • You have not been admitted to CCRI yet. You will need to be admitted first. In that case, contact the Office of Enrollment Services.

What if I get a " Break-in attempt detected" while in MyCCRI?

If you receive the message "Break-in attempt detected" while in MyCCRI, simply logout of MyCCRI and log back in. Logging out and back in clears a security setting that is created each time you login to MyCCRI.

Why does my session expire when trying to access For Students tab?

If your session has expired when trying to access For Students tab::

Make sure that your browser is one of the recommended versions .

If you are using the correct browser version, then make sure to:

Click only once on the links whether For Students tab or For Faculty tab (double clicking instead of a single click on these buttons will create problems)

If you are still having problems and using Internet Explorer as your browser, then:

From the menu at the top of the screen:

  • click on Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Custom Level
  • under Settings, make sure the following are set to Medium:
    • Java Permission
    • Software Channel Permission

You will then need to reboot your computer before trying to log back into MyCCRI.

If you have a pop-up blocker in place or firewall, you will need to turn them off in order to access the For Students tab within MyCCRI.

Also be sure that you have the latest Windows critical updates by using your Start menu to check for updates:

  • clicking on the Start button (in the lower left hand corner_
  • click All Programs
  • click Windows Update.

" Sorry! We are experiencing technical difficulties. Click here to return to the previous page."

MyCCRI may not be available. Click "Refresh" or "Reload" and if that does not work, try again in 10 minutes. For more information call the IT Help Desk at 825-1112 or check our system status page.

Why won't the MyCCRI Login page load?

Make sure that your browser is one of the recommended versions . If it is not a browser issue, please call the IT Help Desk at 825-1112.

Why when I access the Internet am I taken to a web page other than my default home page appear?

A common example of this type of malicious program is “Internet Optimizer”. This program will redirect you to its own website when you attempt to access the Internet.

The Help Desk recommends all users install preventative measures against spyware, adware, parasites and viruses. These programs can essentially hijack your browser to other websites.

To Prevent Infection:

Ad-aware and SpyBot are simple to use tools for removing and preventing infection of spyware, adware and parasites including Internet Optimizer. Install at least one of these programs and run at least once to remove any items that they uncover.

There are inherent risks with installing any new software onto your computer. Please check with your preferred expert for their recommendations before proceeding.


Remove file sharing programs and spyware. To get rid of spyware, visit and download the Ad Aware program which you will find under Products and selecting Ad-Aware Personal. After downloading and installing the program, run it and have it search your computer system. Ask it to remove anything it finds, exit the program and reboot the computer system. However, note that many free file sharing programs might not function if the spyware programs are removed. Another solution is to run Windows XP System Restore, and restore your system back to a time before the file sharing software was installed. Also: In Windows go to the Start menu and select Settings. Open the Control Panel and choose Add/Remove Programs.

Look for Active Alert and Internet Optimizer. If these entries are there, select Change Remove for each one in turn. Follow the steps to remove the program.

Using a MAC, why am I getting username/password pair not found?

Please check to see the supported versions of your Internet browser and upgrade if necessary.

Please go to the MyCCRI login page and login from here rather than the College home page.

If you are using Safari as your browser, you may want to check to be sure that cookies are enabled:

  • click on Safari in the menu bar
  • select Preferences
  • select Security
  • turn on: accept cookies only from sites you navigate to
  • close out of the browser, reopen it and then try logging back in

If you have Mozilla FireFox we suggest that you use that as your browser to login to MyCCRI.

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Last Updated: 4/18/18