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Special Education Program Pathways

Education/Special Education Mission Statement

Developed under the principle that students seeking careers in the field of Education and Special Education should receive high quality training, the mission of the Education/Special Education major is to present its students with a sequence of studies that is comprised of up to date research and is grounded in developing an understanding of typical and atypical development, the special education referral process, teaching methods and materials which are  applicable to Education and Special Education learning environments.

Students enrolled in the Department of Human Services Concentration of Education and Special Education will gain knowledge and skills necessary to be employed as Teacher Assistants in the public or private K – 12 schools, Early Intervention Centers, Residential Group Homes and Community Day Programs.

The Program will meet the wide-ranging needs of our diverse student population not only through rigorous academic courses, but also, through an array of required internships in a variety of field placements.

Education/Special Education Program Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the history of special education laws and terminology.

  2. Develop an understanding of categories, definitions, causes, assessment and instructional strategies under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

  3. Identify, apply and discuss major concepts, principles, teaching strategies and theories related to typical and atypical development.

  4. Apply professional written and oral communication skills through responsible use of digital technology in research informed practice.

  5. Demonstrate professional and collaborative skills in school and agency settings.

Education/Special Education Course Descriptions and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

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