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Social Services Program Pathways


Social Services Mission Statements

AA in Social Services - Gerentology (GERN) - Gerontology majors will be trained to assist elder clients with daily living, physical care, recreation and supportive companionship. Graduates will gain the skills necessary to be employed in settings such as nursing homes, adult day care centers, senior centers and some hospitals.

AA in Social Services - Mental Health (MNTL) - Mental Health majors will be trained to assist people with emotional problems and mental illness. Graduates will gain the skills necessary to be employed in group homes, hospitals, mental health agencies, community centers and assisted living programs.

AA in Social Services - Social Work (SOWK) - Social Work majors will be trained to be social service providers in a wide variety of agency programs and community settings with clients of all ages.

AA in Social Services - Substance Abuse (SUBS) - Substance Abuse majors will be trained in clinical skills that prepare them for employment in prevention, early intervention and rehabilitative treatment programs with adolescents and adults.

Case Management Certificate (CMTC)- Coming soon!

Gerentology Certificate (GERN)- Coming soon!

Mental Health and Wellness Certificate (MHWC)- Coming soon!

Social Services Certificate (CSOS) - Social Services Certificate students will be introduced to the field of social services.

Social Services Program Outcomes

  1. Apply professional written and oral communication skills through responsible use of digital technology in research informed practice.

  2. Identify and adhere to ethical standard

  3. Use historical information to understand the current world, and develop an ability to consider issues from a global perspective.

  4. Understand how individuals interact among groups; and develop an understanding of the beliefs, values, traditions, and practices of people from other cultures.

  5. Identify core principles in Social Work, including the values and ethics of the profession.

  6. Demonstrate professional working skills with individuals, groups and communities.

Social Work Course Descriptions and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

See HMNS Course Descriptions & Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)