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English major

Liberal Arts - Associate in Arts -English Concentration (LAEN)

The English concentration prepares a student for advanced study at the baccalaureate level as an English major or as a second major. It provides an exceptional foundation in the development of writing, critical thinking, critical reading, oral communication and literature analysis. This is an excellent program for those pursuing a career in educational institutions, writing, business and industry, film studies, art, communications, law, advertising, sports communications, journalism or library work.

Program Outcomes:

  1.  Apply close reading techniques, critical reading, and analytical skills to various genres.
  2.  Analyze and respond to various genres of literature according to literary elements, terms, and devices.
  3.  Apply fundamental literary criticism, theory, and methodologies to various genres.
  4.  Link texts to their cultural and historical contexts.
  5.  Reflect on the cultural, psychological, and aesthetic bases of literary response through critical papers.
  6.  Incorporate MLA style research skills in critical papers.

To declare an English concentration, students should contact the English Department at 401-825-2262.

Please refer to the college catalog for the most up to date listing of program requirements here English Concentration Program Requirements