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FAQs - Prospective Students

In high school I worked with a resource teacher. Will I still receive this service?

While CCRI does not offer formal special education services, students may request tutors, mentors, and workshops through the Student Success Center and can receive assistance with many kinds of writing projects by utilizing the Writing Center. Academic advising and career and educational counseling are available for students. Personal counseling is also available at Advising for students experiencing personal difficulties as they relate to their academic success. Classroom accommodations are provided through the office of Disability Services and are made on a case-by-case basis based on the documentation provided to the college by the student.

What kind of documentation is required by the Disability Services Office?

In order to receive accommodations, students with disabilities must provide documentation which contains comprehensive assessment of a disability. These would be the evaluations performed that determined a particular disability which may have enabled a student to receive an IEP or 504 plan. IEPs and 504 plans alone are not adequate documentation for college. Please refer to the Guidelines to Documentation section of this website for specific documentation requirements for various disabilities.

What does it mean I need to identify in a timely manner?

In order to ensure that your academic accommodations are put in to place at the beginning of the semester, students should make an appointment with the Office of Disability Services two to three weeks before the beginning of the semester. However, sooner is always better. Remember, while students can choose to identify any time throughout the semester, if you choose to identify with Disability Services later in the semester, accommodations are not retroactive.

What do I have to do in order to be my own advocate?

To be your own advocate you need to understand what your disability is and how it will affect you in the college environment. Part of being your own advocate is being able to talk to instructors about your learning style and being able to ask questions or provide information when you need to. You need to anticipate your needs for each class and know where to go for supports and services.

Does CCRI provide testing to determine learning disabilities?

No. CCRI does not provide testing for disability verification. The Disability Services Office at CCRI does not endorse or recommend evaluators, but provides a listing of evaluators for the convenience of the students. The list is not comprehensive or exhaustive, and the student is, of course, responsible for payment of all charges incurred.

Will my disability information be confidential?

Yes. All documentation provided is regarded as confidential educational information and is therefore governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).