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Student Guide to print an official 1098T form through ECSI

CCRI works with Heartland ECSI to provide students their 1098-T tax forms. You can print an official copy of your
1098-T form through ECSI by following the instructions listed below. 

If you have access to your MyCCRI Account

1. Log on to your MyCCRI student self service account. Click "Login" and choose "MyCCRI" from the drop down menu. 


     Click "MyCCRI" in the "Single Sign-on Login to MyCCRI" box.


Enter your User Name and Password then click the "Sign In" button



2. Click on "My Account"


3. Next Click on the "View Statements” button next to "Your latest 1098-T Tax statement".


4. Under the section 1098-T Statement, click on the word View.


5. This will connect you to the ECSI website where you can print an official copy of your 1098-T.
First select the tax year you wish to print and then click the “View” button.


6. Here you see be able to view and print your 1098-T Tax form.



If you do not have access to your MyCCRI Account

1. Visit

2.  Find "To access your 1098-T form" and click the red link that says "click here."


3.  Enter the school name as "Community College of Rhode Island"

     Then click "Submit"



4.  Enter the required information 
       First Name
       Last Name
       Enter your social security number
       Zip code

     Now click “Continue”

5.  Click the "Plus sign (+)" to the far right side

6.  Click on “View/Print Statement" to the far right side