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AS in Environment, Sustainability, and Management

Catalog Description

The Environment, Sustainability, and Management Associate in Science degree prepares students to achieve professional employment in sustainable agriculture, horticulture, land management, and related businesses in the Green Sector. The program introduces students to key concepts in resource management, pollution, our evolving interactions with an ever-changing ecological landscape, and industry practices necessary to operate their business effectively yet conscientiously. The curriculum explores topics in land, water, and air; how humans positively and negatively impact their local and global environments; business management, entrepreneurship, innovation, and design, and includes a cooperative work experience with an employer in the agriculture, sustainability, or a related field.

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Program Outcomes

  • Understand and correctly apply principles of environmental and sustainable science
  • Understand and correctly apply principles of business practices, including management, accounting, and design.
  • Apply {sound & ethical} business practices to situations in environment and sustainability.
  • Integrate knowledge of geological, chemical, and biological sciences, environment, and sustainability
  • Critically research opportunities and effectively design solutions in environment, sustainability, and management
  • Evaluate and discuss important business practices impacting environment and sustainability with peers, mentors, and community leaders
  • Gain relevant work experience with one or more established industry partners

Course Learning Outcomes