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Physical Education Courses

With a diverse and experienced faculty, the Physical Education program's  mission is to prepare students to continue their academic careers in coaching, teaching, and sport administration as they transfer to four year institutions or begin careers in other chosen fields.

The following list of goals explains how the Physical Education Program is a piece of the college's overall mission: 

  • To provide freshman and sophomore transfer courses in physical education to students with a wide variety of academic backgrounds.
  • To give students knowledge of the nature of physical education methodology and provide a platform for discussing the workforce possibilities in the field.
  • To assist students in understanding the importance of the mind/body interaction.

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CCRI offers new Certificate Program in Personal Training (2022)

This two-semester certificate program is designed for students who want to work as fitness instructors in fitness centers or as independent personal trainers.  Upon completion of this program students will be prepared to sit for professional certification exams sponsored by the American College of Sports Medicine, National Academy of Sports Medicine, or the National Strength and Conditioning Association.  The courses in this program come from the disciplines of anatomy, physiology, psychology, nutrition, health and exercise science. 

Requirements for Program Entrance
High School Diploma.  High School Biology Is Recommended. Students accepted into the certificate program must complete the mandatory ACCUPLACER exam for writing, reading and math prior to registering for classes.

First Semester
BIOL 1070 Human Biologyᶱ(3)
COMM 1010 Communication Fundamentals(3)
PHED 1610 Essential of Physical Fitness(3)
PHED 1630 Weight Training and Sport Conditioning I(2)
PSYC 2010 General Psychology(4)

Second Semester
PHED 1800 Principles of Exercise Science*(3)
PHED 2010 Field Placement Experience*(3)
PHED 1665 Advanced Weight Training(3)
PHED 1670 Athletic Performance Enhancement (Online)(3)

Total Credits:  27

For more information please contact Professor Wendy Pelto

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Name Telephone E-mail
Professor Wendy L. Pelto, M.S. 401-333-7321 [email protected]


Name Telephone E-mail
Instructor Rob Desrosiers 401-825-2106 [email protected]
Instructor Dave Hanson 401-333-7324 [email protected]
Instructor James Hopkins 401-825-2106 [email protected]
Instructor Sue Pacheco 401-825-2104 [email protected]
Instructor Steve Rooney 401-825-2204 [email protected]
Assistant Professor Kevin Salisbury
401-333-7324 [email protected]