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Athletics Staff

Athletic Department Staff
Wendy Pelto Physical Education Professor 333-7321 [email protected]
Steven Rooney Assistant Director of Athletics
Sports Medicine, Adjunct PE Faculty
825-2204 [email protected]
Kevin Salisbury Director of Athletics/Student-Life
Chair, Physical Education
Lifeguard Training Courses 
333-7324 [email protected]
 Athletic Department Support Staff
Name Title/Campus Phone E-mail
Rob Desrosiers Adjunct Faculty - PE 825-2106 [email protected]
Bill Giusti Equipment Manager 825-2234 [email protected]
Dave Hanson Adjunct Faculty - PE 333-7316 [email protected]
James Hopkins Adjunct Faculty - PE 825-2106 [email protected]
Madalyn Ide Sports Medicine 825-2204  
Dan LaCorbiniere Sports Information 825-1132 [email protected]
Suzanne Pacheco Sports Medicine/Adjunct Faculty PE 825-2104 [email protected]
Rob Gallucci Assistant Sports Info. Coordinator

825-1132 [email protected]
Cheryl Smith Staff Assistant 825-2114 [email protected]
Coaching Staff
Sport Coaching Staff Phone E-mail
Men's Baseball Joe Hopkins - Head Coach 401-825-2107 [email protected]
  TBA 401-825-2107 [email protected]
  Ray Tessaglia 401-825-2107  
Men's Basketball Rick Harris - Head Coach 401-825-2120 [email protected]
  Marcus Douthit    
  Andy Jackson    
   Josh Perry    
Women's Basketball Doug Haynes - Head Coach 401-825-1131 [email protected]
  Joel Tuoni    
  Denise Scott 401-825-1131  [email protected]
  Victoria Wilkerson    
  Brittany Wilson    
Cross Country Gregg Cornell - Head Coach 401-333-7322 [email protected]
  TBA 401-333-7322  
Men's Soccer Gabriel Toro - Head Coach 401-333-7363 [email protected]
  Mike Jerue 401-333-7363  
Women's Soccer Jim McGirr- Head Coach 401-333-7391 [email protected]
  Mike Trudeau  401-333-7391  
Women's Softball Kim Warrington - Head Coach 401-825-1244 [email protected]
  Paul Mercier 401-825-1244  
Indoor Track Gregg Cornell - Head Coach 401-333-7322 [email protected]
  TBA 401-333-7322  
Outdoor Track Gregg Cornell - Head Coach 401-333-7322 [email protected]
  TBA 401-333-7322  
Women's Volleyball Patrick Chin - Head Coach 401-333-7318 [email protected]
  John Dao 401-333-7318  
Club M/W Swimming Bob Bouchard   [email protected]
Club Beach Volleyball Anne Marie Balboni   [email protected]
Club Men's Court Volleyball Anne Marie Balboni   [email protected]
Club ESports TBA    
  Prefix 333 is Flanagan-Lincoln
Prefix 825 is Knight-Warwick