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About the Security Workforce Action Team


To build a security program that would detect vulnerabilities and compliance issues facing CCRI, advise the VP of Finance and Strategy on possible solutions, and implement corrective actions.

Regulatory and Compliance Areas

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards PCI DSS, National Automated Clearing House Association Rules (NACHA), Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), International Standardization Organization (ISO), Health Insurance Portability Act (HIPPA), Department of Education Title IV, Internal Revenue Service Code (IRS).

Name Department E-mail Telephone Campus
Bruce Barrett, co-chair Director, Network and Telecommunication, IT [email protected] 401-825-2466 Knight
Ruth Barrington Business Manager [email protected] 401-825-2184 Knight
Anthony Dzikiewicz Director of Operations, IT [email protected] 401-825-1164 Knight
William Ferland Acting Chief Information Officer [email protected] 401-825-1210 Knight
Lisa Fontes Purchasing Agent [email protected] 401-825-2444 Knight
Kent Gates Business Office [email protected] 401-825-1114 Knight
Michael Kelly Assistant Professor - Computer Studies [email protected] 401-825-2056 Knight
Sook Kim Chief Accountant [email protected] 401-825-2244 Knight
Andrea Lachapelle Associate Director of Financial Aid [email protected] 401-455-6062 Liston
Robin McDuff Coordinator, Institutional Advancement [email protected] 401-333-7150 Flanagan
Jaime Nash Director, Training & Development, CWCE [email protected] 401-333-7156 Flanagan
Michelle O'Brien Associate Director of Human Resources [email protected] 401-825-2483 Knight
Dave Patten VP Finance and Strategy [email protected] _ Knight
Sharon Picard Controller [email protected] 401-825-1071 Knight
Tom Pitts Assistant to the President [email protected] _ Knight
Dave Rawlinson, co-chair Associate Controller [email protected] 401-825-2280 Knight