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Student Government

The Student Government is a representative of the student body as a whole from each campus. Positions on Student Government are as outlined in the Constitution. Students are encouraged to visit the Student Government Office on their campus. For more information contact your campus Student Government.

All student groups are required to report any changes to Student Life and  Student Government.


If you are interested in partnering with Student Government to host an event, please contact SGA directly at [email protected]. All student groups are funded by agency money and therefore are considered tax exempt in addition to being considered having 501C3 status."


Applications for Student Government President and Vice President are no longer available, deadline to submit  was April 14, 2023.

Please review the role descriptions, election timeline and qualifications here.

For candidates who applied, please see the following important dates.

**A Zoom debate will be held on April 25th and polls will be open for electronic voting April 26th-27th. More information to come as candidates are announced!