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Hazardous Waste Management

Hazardous waste is managed onsite by an outside contractor, Triumvirate Environmental. Any questions about hazardous waste handling should be referred to:

Rick Foote, Outsourcing Program Coordinator for Triumvirate Environmental

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Spill Response

Should an emergency situation arise, the College is prepared to react quickly and in a manner that will protect the safety of all employees and students, the safety of all emergency response personnel, and will mitigate potential adverse effects on the environment.

CCRI employees and students should not attempt cleanup operations of hazardous material releases. Anyone detecting or suspecting a spill or other potentially serious incident must notify the Department of Security and Safety and Campus Police for the campus at 825-2109 (Warwick), 333-7035 (Lincoln), 455-6050 (Providence) or 851-1620 (Newport).

The Department of Security and Safety and Campus Police will determine if there is a need to evacuate, notify any regulatory agencies, or contact a response contractor. 

Removal of Hazardous Waste From College Premises

Hazardous waste and unneeded excess chemicals may only be removed from College premises by a licensed vendor. The College makes arrangements for pickup and disposal at regular intervals before the material exceeds the legal storage time. The Rhode Island Division of Purchases chooses the hazardous waste removal vendor and verifies the vendor's credentials and qualifications.