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Community and Social Resources

As the college's response to COVID-19 evolves, all programs of the Office of Opportunity & Outreach, including the Office of Community & Social Resources remain operational.

Staff have been instructed to work offsite but continue to support our students. Please contact them by email - they will respond. Alternately, call or text them at 401.484.1650. Any urgent program updates will be posted below.

Navigating the New Normal support group logoOnline Student Support Group Forming Now! To join, email or text 401.484.1650.

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Emergency Social Services

Note: Please visit each website directly for the most up-to-date information as the situation evolves.

Life Threatening Emergencies
  • Call 911 (landline preferred; for more details click here)
RI Services of All Kinds (211)
Emergency Food
Emergency Food & Medicine Delivery
Food Purchase & Delivery
Loss of Income
SNAP (Food Stamps), Childcare, Cash Assistance
Lunches for School-Age Children
Homelessness Assistance
Housing Issues
Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
Narcotics Anonymous (NA)
Gambling Problems
Mental Health
Domestic Violence
Health Insurance
Disability Resources
Older Adult Resources
Childcare & Eldercare Assistance
Emergency Cash
Undocumented Individuals


The mission of the Community and Social Resources Office is to reduce barriers to academic success by connecting students to social supports, like:

  • Emergency Food
  • Emergency Housing
  • Childcare
  • Transportation

For more information contact Shanna Wells


CCRI community members may submit a referral for services for any student.

Adulting 101

Taking care of grown-up responsibilities can be learned! Check out Adulting 101 for tips and resources to help you navigate adulthood.

Time and Organizational Management

Are you juggling school, studying, work, and family responsibilities? Learn how to better manage and organize your time!

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Stress Management

College can be stressful. Learn to decompress with quick and easy stress management skills!

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The Community and Social Resources Directory provides links to more information on the services students have access to through the office.


Counselors have a professional obligation to respect the confidentiality of information that surfaces within the counseling process. They will reveal information to others only if it is with your written permission or in response to a valid legal subpoena. There are some exceptions to this rule that morally and legally require counselors to reveal confidential information. The counselors must reveal to others if:

  • You are a clear danger to yourself.
  • You reveal an intention to physically injure a third party.
  • You reveal acts of child abuse.

If you do not fully understand this statement, please ask your counselor for clarification.