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Student Ambassador Program

Helping students achieve, grow and assists others

student ambassadorProgram at a glance

The Student Ambassador Program is an honorary group of students who will represent the college at special events on campus and in the community. They seek to enhance prospective students’ knowledge about the various student support services and programs offered at the college. Students will demonstrate leadership potential, communication skills and high academic standards.


student ambassadorAnyone wishing to become a Student Ambassador must meet the following requirements to apply:

  • Completed 6 hours of college credits with a 2.7 or higher GPA.
  • Recent high school graduates must be ranked in the top 25% of their graduating class.
  • Maintain a 2.7 or higher GPA.
  • Complete an Ambassador application
  • Submit two completed faculty/staff recommendation forms

student ambassador


Those who serve as CCRI Student Ambassadors receive many benefits for their service to the college.

  • Leadership opportunities
  • A résumé-building experience
  • Compensation for their work


Student ambassadors share their college experiences with prospective students.

Common responsibilities include:

  • Helping at information sessions
  • Conducting campus tours
  • Participating in new student orientation, registration and commencement
  • Assisting at various campus events and high school visits

Any student who fails to maintain the required GPA and/or fails to fulfill any of his or her required duties may be dismissed from the Ambassador program at any time. They will forfeit all benefits and will be responsible for any outstanding obligations to the college that result from that loss.

student ambassador

“The Student Ambassadors were a great help with the Graduate & Student Job Fair.”

“Good morning Student Ambassadors,

Words cannot fully express the gratitude the Career Planning Department has for your support with the Graduate & Student Job Fair.

Your professionalism, enthusiasm, and care for the CCRI Community both inside and out; shines through greatly. To sum it up, “You Rock!!!

We are proud of you and thank you a million times over. “

Tifany S. Sanders
Career Placement Officer