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Transfer Student

What is a transfer student?

A transfer student is someone who attended another college and wants to transfer into CCRI to complete a degree or certificate.

Please follow the steps below:

You need your CCRI ID number and username to access your MyCCRI student account.  Use your CCRI ID number found on your acceptance email.

Your CCRI username and ID number can also be looked up here. [Directions]

  • Once you have your username and ID number, click on the MyCCRI link on the Secure Login page.
  • You’ll then see a login screen. Enter your username and your temporary password* the first time you login.

*NOTE: New CCRI accounts are given a temporary password consisting of the first three letters of your Username (capitalize first letter), followed by an underscore “_” character and the last four digits of your CCRI ID Number.

  • For example: Name: Jane Doe. Username= jdoe. IDnumber: 12345678.
  • Jane’s temporary password would be Jdo_5678.

If you do not have a current course placement to register for classes, please follow directions below.

Submit your SAT scores (if not more than 3 years old), to [email protected] or to schedule ACCUPLACER in-person or request to take remotely, click here

  • Apply for Financial Aid at FAFSA 
  • Please include the CCRI school code 004916.
  • For additional financial aid information - Learn More
  • Visit the Bursar office to learn about payment options

Meet with an advisor on campus or at a virtual drop in session to select classes.

Be prepared for academic success at CCRI.

Start your online Student Orientation