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Download Microsoft Office 365 for CCRI students

Microsoft Office 365 is available for all CCRI students to download. This version of Office will be accessible as long as you are actively enrolled at CCRI.

What do I get?

Office 365 for Students for download includes:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Access (PC Install Version Only)
  • Microsoft Publisher (PC Install Version Only)

How do I install Microsoft Office 365?

    1. From the device that you wish to install Office 365 on, go to:
    2. On the upper right side of the homepage click on "Login"
    3. Choose Student Email & Sign into your account                                                                                                            login drop down
    4. Once in your account look for the 9 white dots in the upper left corner and click on them. (This next portion is easier if you have your browser fully open and not minimized!)                                          nine block in upper left corner
    5. From the new window that opened click on the blue "Office 365 -->"                                                                              example of where to click for Office 365    
    6. On the far right side of the window you just opened click on "Install Office"                                                 
    7. Two options will be on your screen:  Office 365 apps  & Other install options                                                                 Example of options available      
    8. If you are installing on an ipad, cell phone or other portable device choose "Office 365 apps" and follow the onscreen install directions. 
    9. If you are installing on a laptop or desktop, or if you need Publisher or Access choose "Other install" 
    10. If you choose "other install options" a new page will open with "Install Office"  and "View apps & devices"; click on Install Office and follow the onscreen install directions.                                                                                            Example of the two options    
    11. You are allowed to install office on 5 devices. If you need to delete a device you can do so in the "View apps & devices" link shown in red above.    
    12. Please note that you will need to sign into your ccri account during the install to validate your email. This process is how microsoft limits the use of the product to only active ccri students.