Setting Up CCRI Faculty and Staff Email on Mobile Devices

You can set up Outlook on your personal mobile device using Microsoft's Outlook App or your device's email client.

Configuring using Outlook App

For both Android and Apple Devices

  1. Go to the respective app stores for iOS or Android and download and install the Outlook app. Open the application and click Start.

    Add Account to Outlook App

  2. Proceed to then type in your password and click on the check. 

    Configure Account

  3. You may be prompted with the following screen and have to enter in these additional settings.
    • Server:
    • Domain\Username: campus\Your CCRI username
    • Password: Your CCRI password
    • Description: CCRI

Advanced Settings

Configuring using Apple Mail

Note: If you already have an account for CCRI set up on your device, you will have to delete it before following these steps.

  1. Open Settings, then select Mail. On iOS 9 devices or older, you will need to select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

  2. Click Add Account, click on Exchange 

    Select Exchange

  3. Enter all of the following information: 

    • Email:

    • Server:

    • Domain: campus

    • Username: Your CCRI username

    • Password: Your CCRI password

    • Description: CCRI

  4. Click Next.

    Staff Configuration Email

  5. Select your options and then click Save.

    Confirm Settings

Configure using Android Email

  1. Open up the Gmail app and click on Add Account.

  2. On the Set up email screen, select Exchange and Office 365.

    Set up Email

  3. At the Add your email address screen, type your CCRI email address, click Next.

    Add Email Address

  4. At the password prompt type your CCRI password and click Next.

    Enter password

  5. At the Incoming server settings screen, change the following settings and then click Next.
    • Domain\Username: campus\username

    • Server:

    Incoming Settings

  6. At the Remote security administration screen, click OK.

    Remote Security Administration

  7. A confirmation to make Gmail a device administrator will appear. Click on Activate this device administrator.

  8. At the Your account is set up… screen, click Next to access your email.

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Last Updated: 6/6/18