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About Wireless

The Community College of Rhode Island is providing wireless networking services in public spaces on each campus to enable the convenience of mobile network connectivity. This service allows members of the college community to access the campus wide network from wireless devices or portable computers from anywhere on campus.

All users are required to authenticate to the network. CCRI Faculty, Staff and Students will have to authenticate with their MyCCRI account at least once a semester. Authentication is the process of validating users as authorized to use various resources on the wireless network. Some of the campus resources includes connecting to the shared drives to access personal files, connecting to the campus servers for running applications and printing. If you experience difficulties with your username and password, please contact the IT Help Desk at (401) 825-1112. Users affiliated with CCRI without MyCCRI accounts will have to contact the helpdesk to get an account to access the wireless network for t he time they will be working with CCRI. Public users will be allowed to login to the CCRI_Guest SSID and access the Internet an CCRI's website only, this service is rate limited and some internet services may not work due to restrictions put on this network. Public CCRI_Guest users will have to authenticate every day.