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Student Menu for Faculty

The Student Menu for Faculty allows a faculty member to retrieve personal information (when available) for students registered in their courses. This information includes address, telephone number, as well as the student's major, status, and schedule. Faculty may also view information on academic transcripts, holds, degree audits, and placement test scores from this page.

Student Menu for Faculty
Instructions Screenshots
Step 1

Click on the For Faculty tab

Information Technology
Step 2

Scroll down to the Student Information For Faculty/Advisor channel

image of the Student Information for Faculty/Advisor channel
Step 3

Click Select a Term,if the default is not the current term, click on the down arrow to select the current term and then click Submit

image of Term Selection
Step 4

From the Faculty Services menu select Student Menu for Faculty.

image of Faculty Services menu
Step 5

Click on the ID Selection to search for the student

image of Student Information menu
Step 6

You can search for Student /Advisee by entering the CCRI ID (8-digit number starting with 9.....) or the last name. Click Submit

image of Select the Student/Advisee
Step 7

Select the Student/Advisee that you wish to process and click the Submit button

image of Select Student or Advisee
Step 8

You will then be returned to the Student Information menu for Faculty where you can retrieve personal information for students registered in your course.

image of the Student Information menu